Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 327

Tiegan: "Here comes the tickle monster!"

Knightlee: "The tickle monster gave me milk!"

Now Knightlee is learning how to be evil talk from Brenner.

Knightlee: "So when I'm old enough we can take over the world together?"

That was enough "learning" from Brenner, it's Hadley's turn to take over.

August: "Did you hear? It's a snow day!"

Topher: "Outta my way, I want to make snow angels!"

And he just flopped face down into the snow.

Dinosaurs can play in the snow too.

August: "Casper, mom said to come down to eat dinner!"

Casper: "NEVER!"

August: "SO COLD!"

All of the kids joined in on the fun, the yard will be full of snowmen and igloos.

Tempest: "You're ugly, I will destroy you!"

That was mean!

I think Tiger is having a bad day!

I feel the same way when I'm hungry.

Baby #9 is on the way!

Knightlee: "I'm going to be a big brother!"

Knightlee: "This mush isn't as good as the bottles."

Knightlee: "I want a bottle!"

Leighton: "My baby is so moody."

I would let Moonie destroy anything she wanted if she could just be with us a little longer.

Moonie Baudelaire
June 21, 2015 - August 15, 2015

Grim: "Anyone want to join me? It's a little lonely."


I love Cadienne! She's one of my top choices for heir.

Casper: "But I thought I was your top choice!"


Tempest is gorgeous! I love her, she is the perfect mix of Weston and Leighton.

Another birthday?!

Tiegan is gorgeous too! She's not heiress though, time to kick her out.

Knightlee: "Why won't the round block go in the square hole?!"

Leighton: "Ummm... I think it's time."

Leighton: "Please stop making me have kids!"

It's another boy! Introducing, Kingsley Baudelaire!

Kingsley was born on a peaceful, snowy night.

A new life and a death, R.I.P birdy.

The Baudelaire's love their birds so they got a new one really quick.


It's another Weston clone! Knightlee and Kingsley look just like Weston.

Weston: "Finally, a few kids that look like me, I was starting to wonder if any of them were mine."

Kingsley: "I look like him?"

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