Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 315

Weston: "Someone deleted my save on my game!"

Weston: "I bet it was Hyatt!!!"

Hyatt: "Why do I always get blamed?"

Weston decided to join Hyatt with the instruments after his save was deleted.


Sylas is a teen! Let's hope he's easier to deal with than his brothers were when they aged up.

Moonie: "Hiiii, let me pet you."

Dexter: "Why is this strange cat touching me?"

Dexter: "Let me make things more uncomfortable by licking your ear."

Lunar: "This new cat is fun, is it staying?!"

Moonie: "I'm only here to eat the fish."

Moonie is the new kitty spouse! She's here to stay and she's not eating the fish.

Moonie: "Yeah right, give me that fish!!!"


Moonie: "If someone tries to stop me I will shred their legs too!"

Moonie needs some anger management classes.

Moonie: "No I don't, look how sweet I am."

Moonie: "Mwahahaha!"

This cat will be perfect for Brenner.

Finally, there's some peace around here.

She's so destructive but so adorable.

Sylas: "Hyatt is getting really good at that."

Sylas: "I could listen to him play all day."

Sylas: "But we have school later so I guess I can't."

Kessa: "Hahaha, you're such a wimp!"

Sylas: "I'll show you wimp."

Oooh, some kitty love is going on!

Zombie: "Where is your garden, I need to feed on some plants."

Zombie: "You don't have a garden so I will destroy your gnomes!"

Zombie: "And have a little fun."

Cairo: "Why does that sim on tv look so blocky?!"

Cairo: "Is he from... SIMS 2?!"

Hadley: "Cairo was barking at the tv earlier."

Ierik: "Hehehe."

Cairo: "Are they laughing at me?"

Nothing to see here, just a wild Hadley on fire, she will be okay.

But this chair... this chair will not be okay.

Hyatt is playing for tips in the driveway!

Ierik: "So, I'm dying and you're just going to keep painting?"

Weston: "Grandpa, nooo!"

Brenner: "I'm just here for the show."

These two are creeping me out, bad.

Syrah: "You did it, I know it."

Brenner: "Why are you blaming me?"

It looks like Clementine has some blame too.

Syrah: "I'm scared, should I sleep with one eye open?"

Ierik: "I've lived a good life, now it's time to go."

Ierik Baudelaire
 December 23, 2014 - June 23, 2015

Hadley: "Flowers for the handsome man."

Hadley, no! You don't play with death!

Grim: "That was a bad idea, lady."

Moonie is the new kitty spouse! She's from catlover800!