Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 313

Ierik: "Ouch! My finger hurts."
Ierik: "Where did all of these butterflies come from?"

Ierik: "They're so cute, I think I'll take a few home."

Look, a cute bird!

Hadley: "It IS a cute bird, let's capture it."

Eww, Hadley!

She's going to need a lot of scrubbing when she gets home.

Hadley: "I think I swallowed some trash but that's okay, there's some hidden treasures in here and I know it!"

Hadley: "There's no hidden treasure."

Yeah, that's a great place to nap.

Clementine is soaking up some sun and having some fun!

Baudelaire Kid: "I don't understand this!"

I don't understand why you're here.

Hadley: "I found you a turtle, are you happy?"

Hadley: "He's so adorable."

The gnomes love the radio, the Baudelaire's leave them on for them.

It's a gorgeous night!

Hadley decided to harvest a death flower for Brenner.

Carnival Guy: You... you want to suck my blood?"

Syrah: "It won't hurt!"

Syrah: "Need. More. Blood!"

Brenner: "I've felt this before, I think it's my time."

Nope, Brenner will live forever.

Brenner: "Ta Da! I picked you another flower."

Grim: "How sweet, you will never come with me will you?"

And with that death flower, Brenner is alive again!

Brenner: "Happy? I know I am!"

Grim: "That cat tunnel is cute!"

Kessa: "Yay, Grim loves our cat tunnel!"


Kessa: "I didn't realize it was my birthday."

Kessa: "I didn't want to age up!"

Dexter: "I don't care what she does as long as she doesn't touch my food."

Dexter: "But it's okay if you pet me."

It's getting close to the end of summer so Brenner is going to grill some food and everyone will enjoy the day outside.

I can smell it through the screen!

All of the vampires are using the sunscreen elixir so they can go outside!

Weston: "This is an awesome day."

They're supposed to be watching the kids but they're napping instead.

While Kessa pigs out on the food, that's what I would be doing!

Sylas: "I don't know if I should do this!"

Hyatt: "Here I go!"

Dexter: "I'm not going near the water, my cat tower is good enough."

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