Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 311

Weston: "What? You've never seen anyone drink plasma juice before?"

I hope I don't see those things everywhere for the rest of the generation.

Voxel: "Does he want to share some of that?"

Nobody is using the spare bedroom so it's Dexter's room for now.

Strudel is back! Being a ghost must be tiring.

Weston: "That's enough tv for me today, I can't stay in there with a ghost dog."

Hyatt: "Hahaha, I bet you can't hit me."

That must hurt.

They beat each other with pillows for a few hours.

There's a ghost visiting!

Hadley: "I hit my finger!"

How does she catch on fire when she hits her finger?

Hadley: "My buns are feeling a little warm."

Hadley: "Why didn't you tell me that I was on fire?!"

Hadley: "This water is hot too!"

Lunar: "Stop being so comfortable and making me nap!"

That's what I tell my bed.

It's almost baby time!

Brenner: "You need to tell them to stop having babies!"

Sylas: "Stop stealing from us!"

Brenner: "Let them have all of the babies that they want, that means more lollipops."

Brenner: "Are you sure this won't hurt?!"

Brenner: "You lied!"

Brenner: "The pain was worth it."

Weston: "Who's a cute little kitty? Dexter is!"

Lima Bean: "I'm not Dexter."

Nice, napping right where they eat.

I love having Strudel around, she hangs out in the living room most of the time.

Brenner: "You were such a great dog, we miss you."

Fun with the piggy toy!

Don't fall in!

Sylas: "Can I play in the toilet like Dexter?"

No but you can nap like him.

Hadley is getting a love nibble.

And blowing herself up...

Syrah: "I forgot how much this hurts!"

Syrah: "I'm not ready to have this baby."

Well, it's too late to think about that now.

Syrah: "So you mean I have to have it right now?"


Syrah finally had the baby! It's another blue baby but they finally had a girl!

Introducing, Kessa Baudelaire!

Syrah: My perfect baby girl."

Can you take a shower before handling the baby?


Oh my goodness, Kessa is the cutest thing ever!


  1. Kessa....OMG too cute.
    Love the post.

  2. every time i read your blog and watch your photos i want to play!
    i still love it :D always good time spent with the Baudelaire family