Monday, July 11, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 312

Kessa: "Welcome to chapter 312, you will see a lot of my cuteness in this chapter!"

Kessa: "Of course you will see a little bit of everyone else too."

Brenner: "You are really good at opening chapters!"

Brenner: "Now let's see if you're good at using the potty."

Kessa: "Of course I am, I'm good at everything."

Brenner: "It's bed time, I'll see you in the morning to teach you how to walk and talk."

Kessa: "I don't need to learn those things."

Ierik went over to visit Orion, he had a little girl!

She is so cute!

Kessa: "This milk is so good!"

Sylas: "She better watch that milk, I might get it."

Weston is going to be a painter so he's always working on his skill.

Clementine: "Come on, jump into my lap."

Lima Bean: "Jealous of my petting?"

Kessa: "Feeed meee!"

Clementine: "Goodness, you don't need to cry."

Clementine fed Kessa and got busy teaching her how to walk.

Clementine: "You're such a big girl, you can walk now!"


Sylas: "I aged up, that's the best thing ever!"

Sylas: "This... this is not the best thing ever!"

Brenner: "So you see, if we make enough potions we can blow up some stuff."

Kessa: "He's crazy, maybe I should just agree?"

Kessa: "Yeah, that's a great idea!"

Voxel: "It looks like it might rain, I should go play in the puddles!"

Kessa: "Hi mommy!"

Hadley: "What did you do today?"

Kessa: "Grandma taught me how to walk and Brenner taught me how to talk!"

Hadley: "That's great news!"

Voxel: "I didn't see any puddles outside."

Voxel didn't get a chance to play in any puddles, we will miss you!

Voxel Baudelaire
April 2, 2015 - May 22, 2015

Weston: "I'm going to miss Voxel so much!"

Not a good idea, Cairo!

Told you, that never ends well.

Sylas: "Let's catch the bad guys!"

Sylas is talented, he can rock and clap his hands at the same time.

Kessa: "I'm talented too, I'm a musical genius."

Hadley got a wish to make drinks and earn some money so after the kids went to bed she went to work.

Hadley: "This place is so empty."

Hadley: "Where is everyone?"

Brenner: "Mwahaha! I love graveyards, I feel right at home."

Brenner: "The death flower plant is so beautiful."

Brenner: "I guess I should go home now, that place stinks."

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