Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 304

Rembrandt and Snowshoe were born on the basement level so they are living there until someone moves them upstairs, they don't mind because they can watch the fish.

Rembrandt: "We can eat them too, right?"

Snowshoe: "Yep, let's eat them."

It's crazy how much they look like Frostwind!

Rembrandt: "Catch me if you can!"

It looks like Snowshoe caught him!

Hadley, don't drink that!

Zombie: "I have a huge crush on that girl!"

Zombie: "Let's do this."

Zombie: "Want to play a round with me?"

Clementine: "There's a zombie in our house AND I'm getting old?!"

Clementine: "This day sucks."

Clementine: "At least I still look pretty hot though."

Ierik: "I hope I look hot too."

Ierik: "I have hand wrinkles."

Ierik: "But that's okay!"

Ierik: "I'm old and gray, I don't want to work anymore."

Ierik accomplished so much in his career, he reached the top and worked hard every day. He finally retired!

Random Sim: "Hey, do you have the answers to questions 4 and 6?"

Hadley: "You've grown so much since the last time I held you!"

Hadley: "You're still my cute little kitty though."

It's a beautiful snowy night!

Voxel: "Who are you?"

Lunar: "My name is Lunar, I'm here to be your future mate."

Lunar: "There's too many cats around here."

Egon: "Too many cats? NEVER."

Lunar is cute! I'm ready to see the adorable puppies she has with Voxel.

Lima Bean is just passing through to check on her babies.

This little guy is out like a light!

Hadley: "Where did the bee boxes come from?"

Hadley: "Ouch, one stung me."

Hadley: "All of them are stinging me!!!"

Hadley: "The bee boxes were a really bad idea!"

Snowshoe blends in with the carpet!

Lunar: "I've marked this food dish and claimed it as mine, back away."

Lima Bean: "Umm, I just had four kittens..."

WOW! I can't believe Lima Bean had four kittens, that's a huge litter.

She had two boys and two girls! This is a boy, Spell.

This is a girl, her name is Fuzzball.

The other girl, Nona. I love her markings.

And the other boy, Dexter.

My kitty heir decision for this cat generation will be between Nona and Dexter, I'm leaning towards Dexter because his markings are amazing.

Lunar's traits! I love the clueless trait, maybe the puppies will be born soon!

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  1. OMG I hope you choose Dexter. These new four kitties are awesome. So is Lunar. Love this legacy.