Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 233

He can't even stop acting crazy long enough to watch Novie age up.

Peyton: "Stop picking on me!"

Peyton: "You know you love how crazy I am, that's why you chose me for heir."

Peyton: "Riiiiight?..."

Novie: "Growing up sucks."
Peyton: "What sucks about growing up?!"

Peyton: "Growing up doesn't suck."

Hey! Her eyes are up there!

Peyton: "I just noticed how beautiful your eyes are."

Yeah, because I told him!

Peyton: "Let me sweep you off of your feet with my romantic kiss."

Novie: "I never knew you were so romantic!"

I love them.

I love them like Chirpy loves his toy!

Novie: "Be quiet for a second, watch the bird flying."

Novie: "I love your crazy, adorable face."

Graduation day! Marriage and babies aren't very far away for Peyton and Novie!


Novie: "It's snowing and I'm in a skirt."

Novie: "I'm going to freeze!"

Novie: "What are you doing? Did you bring me a jacket?!"

Novie: "That's definitely not a jacket!"
Peyton: "Nope, it cost a lot more than a jacket."

Peyton: "Is that a yes?"
Novie: "YES!"

Novie: "Thank you for making me the happiest fairy ever!"

Can't wait for purple babies!

Peyton: "Now she can't change her mind and leave me."

Peyton: "One more thing... I love you."
Novie: "I love you too!"

Novie just randomly floats sometimes, I think she's showing off.

Peyton: "My future wife can float?!"

Um... Cheyenne, look behind you!

Cheyenne: "What?"

Cheyenne: "Why didn't you tell me there was a huge flame behind me?!"

Cheyenne: "It's on me, my butt is on fire!"

Brooke: "Cheyenne!"

Indigo: "I don't know how to work this thing!"

Everyone got trapped in the tiny laundry room and things went downhill, Cheyenne survived death once but I guess not this time.

Novie: "Cheyenne died???"

Please send a pet to save her like last time!

Cheyenne: "Pleeease, please let me live, I have so much of my life left to live."

Cheyenne: "I...I'm alive?!"

Cheyenne: "I beat death twice?!"

She couldn't believe she beat death twice in her life, she's very lucky!

But Tango wasn't that lucky, Grim didn't even leave before heading downstairs to get her.

Tango Baudelaire
November 20, 2013 - January 21, 2014

After a million dip kisses she still acts surprised.

Novie: "I wonder when he will notice I'm touching his hand?"

I think he noticed.

Novie: "Look at that star, it's almost as shiny as my ring."

Novie decided to get a plumbot! She couldn't customize one for some reason so this is the one she's taking home.

Novie: "I'm adding a cleaning gadget to mine! No more dishes for me."

Plumbot: "One robot, a laptop, and a vacuum walked into a bar..."

The dogs are enjoying some fun time... in the middle of the road.

It's official... Novie is here to stay and will bring us adorable, purple babies!

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