Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 232

Chirpy looks so peaceful.

Eon, get away from Chirpy!

Brooke: "The cat is going to eat our bird!"

Eon: "That's right, you better watch that birdy."

I thought Brooke upgraded everything, apparently not because everything is breaking.

Cheyenne: "Why is everything breaking?!"

Peyton: "Do I hear mom screaming?"

Peyton: "I can't believe I'm related to her."

Not Ean! I thought he would live a little longer, I guess he couldn't make it without Emmie.

Ean Baudelaire
October 2, 2013 - January 20, 2014

Indigo: "Dad! You didn't finish your sculpture!"

Evangeline: "I can't believe he didn't get to finish his sculpture!"

Seriously, WHY are you still here?!

I think Ellora wanted to have some kind of face off with Grim, she kept staring at him and following him around.

Apparently Grim likes to party!

Grim: "It gets a little hot in the underworld, you know... no water."

Creeper: "Look at my thingy!"

Peyton: "Drink this, I swear it won't hurt you..."

Peyton: "Seriously... it won't hurt."

Creeper: "You said it wouldn't hurt!"
Novie: "I'm real... how did that happen?!"

She's real and she can fly!

Novie: "I'm stuffed one minute and flying the next, how is that possible?!"

I know she was the creepy one before but don't TRY to scare her away!

She seems to like that...

Cheyenne: "Hey, cutie, I love your fluff."

Cheyenne: "Wait. When did we get a dog?!"

You've had him...

Novie: "She didn't realize she had a dog?! I have to get out of here."

Novie: "Hello? I need a taxi to take me as far away as I can get!"

Novie: "You can't send a taxi?"

Novie: "RUDE!"

Novie: "That means I'm stuck here!"

Novie: "I'm stuck here."

Novie: "Forever."

Novie: "Who put a booby trap on this chair?!"

Novie: "I hope nobody thought that was me."

It's still snowing outside so Novie decided to warm her hands.

And apparently her butt too.

Novie: "Toasty buns."

Brooke: "I hope she doesn't fart and blow us up!"

Toasted buns and ready to game!

I wonder if she realizes she doesn't have to play that game to fly.

Novie: "Ouch! I don't want to invent, please don't make me!"

Novie: "Why is he crying?! He's always crying!"

He's a cry baby but she loves him anyway.

Peyton: "Why did you do that?!"

Novie: "Because you're adorable."

Novie: "Did my fart do this?!"

Novie: "Is she okay?! I should call for help!"

Nah, that's normal here.

Indigo: "FIREEEE!!!"

Novie: "If it's normal I should do it too!"

When I say it's normal I mean it happens all the time, not that it should happen!

Novie: "What have I done? I've been real for less than a day and so much chaos is everywhere, I'm trapped with this crazy family."

Novie: "I'm trapped and I get stuck with this ugly cake!!!"

Novie: "It's an ugly cake but my future husband is looking hot."

That's right... her future husband, that means Peyton is our heir!


  1. Peython is so stinking cute! this was a great chapter! i hope you are feeling better :)