Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 226

Peyton: "Welcome to chapter 226! Make sure you only look at me the whole time because I'm the most adorable."

So vain like Auntie Brooke.

Zora: "That kid is crazy, doesn't he know I'm the cutest?"

After watching the grandparents take care of the kids all day Brooke was exhausted, it was time for a mud bath!

I think I would rather eat cucumbers and take a shower with water.

Ean: "....why is she bathing in MUD?"

Peyton: "I want to bathe in mud."

Peyton: "A mud bath sounds so fun."

Peyton: "Give me a mud bath!"

Someone stick him in the mud, he's about to freak out!

Cheyenne: "Ta Da! It's a fruit that I totally didn't just buy from the store behind me..."

Owen: "Is my milk made from that yellow fruit?! It's the same color!"

Kylianne is a total Daddy's girl! And he is wrapped around her tiny finger.

But who wouldn't be wrapped around her finger? She's adorable!

Emmie: "I don't know why the baby gets all of the attention, I'm cute too."

Eon thinks she is the cutest of them all though.

Cheyenne: "Eon is gorgeous, let me take an imaginary picture of her."

Baudelaire Descendant: "Yes, I would love to be granted inner beauty! But of course, how could I get any better looking."

We'll see... we will see.

Ellora: "Behold, the magic of my awesome fairy powers."

Baudelaire Descendant: "Ummm, are you sure this is safe???"

Apparently it wasn't very safe, run far away!

Cheyenne: "Crazy looking dude needs to come watch my show and he wouldn't look like that."

Emmie: "Look, I'm flying!"

It was all a lie!

Ellora: "Emmie just wants to be like me."

Ellora decided to start a little garden, I hope it turns out better than the one Cheyenne had when they met.

I don't even want to know what caused this.

Evangeline goes straight to the library every day when she gets home from school and does her homework.

Emmie: "This kid stinks!"

Kylianne: "This old lady won't stop saying I stink!"

After a diaper change and a good nap everything was better with the little ones, Kylianne gets a little moody.

Peyton: "I never get moody!"

Emmie: "And that's why you're my favorite grandchild."

Peyton: "I'm the favorite?! I knew it!"

Peyton: "That means I get whatever I want!"

The awesome and lazy life of a Baudelaire pet.

Sleep... that's all they ever do.

Tillie: "We don't sleep all the time... we eat too."

Oh no... I think the Imaginary Friends were sent here to form a tiny army and take over!

Ellora: "Uh oh, it's the claw and it's about to get Peyton!"

Peyton: "The Imaginary Friends have taken control of my mommy's hand and it's trying to tickle me!"

Evangeline: "I can take care of those things with one boop from my magic princess wand."

Evangeline: "But I won't because I'm a pretty Princess and a Princess doesn't have to do anything."

Kylianne: "I want to be a Princess too!"

Meanwhile upstairs nobody ever knows how often Ean catches on fire.

Ean: "Help! Old man on fire here!"

Tillie: "The old man is on fire, he needs help!"

Ellora: "Yes, I know your food dish is empty, let me fill it up."

Early: "Woah, I don't know what's going on here but I don't like it and that's weird... cats usually love boxes."

Party time for our forgotten Baudelaire! Owen is quiet so we don't see much of him.

Quiet and derpy.


He's looking more and more like Brooke.

Emmie: "Yay... party."

Don't get too excited.

Palette: "Somebody say party???"

Owen: "Hi."

He actually interacted with someone! Now it's time for him to disappear again.

Tango: "Does he actually disappear?"

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