Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 225

It's already party time for our adorable little fairy! 


Evangeline: "I'm derpy, YES!"

She's derpy and she can fly! Show off...

Evangeline: "Are you jealous that I can fly?"

Ellora: "I want to fly, why can't I fly?!" can.

Just making my normal check around the house before all of the Baudelaire's head to bed and found this creeper staring in the front door.

Evangeline: "Yay, aliens! Maybe he's here to abduct me."

I think Indigo will be happy to hear about aliens visiting.

Tillie: "Nobody will get abducted on my watch, where's the alien?!"

Baby Peyton is about to be a toddler! I can't wait to see who he looks like, I'm hoping for a cute mix like Evangeline.


Cute! But odd, it looks like Chelsie's hair is sticking around.

Owen: "Why are you tickling him and not me?"

Peyton: "Is it because I'm cuter? I get all of the tickles."

Evangeline: "Peyton knows he's cute just like his big sis."

Yep, I think he knows how adorable those blue eyes are!


Here's Zora winking her way into the adult stage!

Zora: "Why is she winking, what is she up to?"

Zora: "Why does the cat think I'm up to something?"

I think Peyton is up to something, he's trying to steal my heart and become heir by being so adorable!

Grandma Emmie is so pround of her grandsons, she watches over Owen while teaching Peyton the basics.

Peyton: "I'm finally walking, now I can run away from this place!"

Ean: "It's amazing how tired you get after a long day doing nothing, time for bed."

Cheyenne: "Did I just kill the doves?!"

Peyton: "I did not leave you a present in that potty..."

He's all better after using the potty!

Evangeline: "Okay, you just stay there and wait until you see fire... don't move."

I think she's trying to get rid of her Imaginary Friend.

Brooke: "Oooh, umm... I think it's time."

Brooke: "Yep, this is definitely it!"

Cheyenne: "She's having a baby, what should I do?! Do I put a towel down or something?!"

Introducing, Kylianne Baudelaire! I'm so happy to have another bouncing baby girl in this generation!

The new baby happiness didn't last long, Grim came for Wrecks, he was such a good doggy!

Wrecks Baudelaire
October 6, 2013 - November 25, 2013

Indigo is such a proud father, he really loves his new baby girl!


Brooke is still torturing the toddlers of the house with the tickle monster.

Kylianne: "Torture? I like mommy's tickle monster."

Kylianne: "It tickles."

A new town?! I never thought the Baudelaire's would leave Hidden Springs, I'm sure they will be back there soon!

Owen: "I love the new town!"

Kylianne: "I do too, it's bigger so there's more room to crawl around outside!"

Ellora: "Perfect place to spread my wings and fly."

Brooke: "Spread her wings and fly... I got the joke, did you get the joke?"

Brooke: "I have an idea!"

That's a first.

Arlo is loving all of the land, I think Appaloosa Plains is the perfect place for the Baudelaire's right now!

Owen: "Not the tickle monster again! I thought we left that back in Hidden Springs."

Appaloosa Plains is a little more populated so I think Cheyenne has a better chance at making more money here.

After playing for tips all day Cheyenne was getting ready to head home, she walked by the spa and noticed these two kids fighting... isn't it passed curfew?

Palette: "Stupid rain getting my fluff all wet, now I'll get revenge by soaking the whole house!"

Ean: "Palette is soaking the house and it's all your fault."

Indigo: "Kylianne, stay very still... there's a weird, red ball circling around us."


  1. Great update
    Awe poor Wrecks :(

    Looking forward to the next post.

    1. I loved Wrecks, I thought he was going to live longer. :(

  2. i started reading this a few weeks ago and im amazed! you did a wonderful job! im only on gen 1 of my legacy and i can hardly handle that!

    could i ask? what life span do you use?

    1. Thank you. :D It's been almost 4 years now and the Baudelaire's are hard to handle sometimes but I love them.

      I have it on normal but I've tweaked each age, I listed them below.

      Baby: 2
      Toddler: 6
      Child: 10
      Teen: 12
      Young Adult: 32
      Adult: 12
      Elder: 21