Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 224

Bad puppy! That poor gnome never did anything to you!

Eon: "She's destroying stuff again!!!"

Palette: "Where did my child get all of those anger issues from?!"

Baby #2 is on the way and Ellora is glowing!

Cheyenne decided to interact with her audience before her performance this time, she hopes it will make everyone like her show more.

Eon: "I'm a good kitty unlike Zora, do I get kibbles?"

She has to be cold, very cold.

Palette: "What's the deal with half naked Sims running around in the middle of the winter?"

Tillie: "Wrecks is eating all of my food again."

Brooke: "I think this baby is ready to come now!"

Palette: "She better not have that baby around my bed."

Zora has her bed protected and all tuckered out.

Palette: "Hey! I wanted that bed too."

Brooke: "This hurts, when will it be over?!"

All of the pain was worth it after she looked into her first little baby's eyes.

Introducing, Owen Baudelaire!

Early: "Why is Eon sparkling?"
Arlo: "I don't know but I'm about to get out of here!"


Eon has turned into a beautiful adult kitty!

Brooke: "Yay for beautiful kitties!"

Brooke: "You're such a pretty kitty, you're almost as pretty as me."

Eon: "I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult."

Eon: "Doesn't she know I'm prettier than her?!"

Now that Eon is an adult she's putting her hunting skills to good use, it's almost time to hunt outside!

Eon: "Prepare to be chewed into a million pieces, ball!"

Zora: "Chewing things is MY job."

Palette: "No matter how many times I tell Zora to NOT chew on things she still chews on everything."

Broken bathtub? No problem when you have a fairy around!

Emmie: "Phew, that bathtub is dirty and stinks!"

Cheyenne: "Who let the bathtub get that dirty and broken?!"

Evangeline: "I have wings and you don't, that means I'm cooler than you."
Emmie: "Does this kid think she's cooler than me?"

Evangeline: "Wait... I have wings!"

Time for little Owen to grow up! Cheyenne actually got the day off so she could attend the party.


Awww, no... we have another booger eater.

Owen: "I don't have to eat all of them, I can share!"

Indigo: "Owen wants to share his boogies?!"

Indigo: "Score! I'm gonna get me some of those!"

Pregnant, glowing and flying... show off.

Brooke: "Love my baby boy, you're going to look good just like mommy!"

Nothing has changed.

I'm so happy he got Brooke's hair and Indigo's eyes, he's adorable!

Palette: "I told you to stop running in the house!"

Palette and Tillie have their paws full with Zora.

A typical day in the nursery, one toddler learning the basics and the other trying to get rid of that creepy imaginary friend.

Ean spends all day in the nursery, he's such a proud grandpa.

I bet he can't wait to meet his third grandchild!

Emmie: "You're in labor and you're just standing there acting like nothing is happening, what is wrong with you?!"

Ellora: "....what is wrong with YOU?"

After Emmie left the room Ellora gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Introducing, Peyton Baudelaire!

Shouldn't you be loving on your new baby instead of the cat?

So many pregnancies and babies around here! Baby #2 for Brooke and Indigo will make his/her arrival soon!

Let's just hope the aliens didn't cause this pregnancy.


  1. Yes ! Two new babies for the next chapter ! I can't wait ! I'm a litlle disappointed Owen isn't a girl...

    1. I was disappointed too but at least he's cute. :P

  2. Owen.. I love this name *-*

    1. I've wanted to use that name for a long time, I'm glad I finally did. :D

  3. Such a great update.
    Can't wait for the next.