Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 214

Chelsie: "My husband better look good as an old man or I'll cancel every action you give me."

Atley: "I look pretty good, I guess Chelsie won't be cancelling any of her actions."

Chelsie: "But... I wanted to cancel my actions, I was just using that as an excuse!"

I can't wait to meet this little one!

Emmie: "Let's see... I have about two dozen kids now, how many will I have when this one gets here?"

Emmie: "I guess we're about to find out!"

It's a bouncing baby boy! Introducing, Graham Baudelaire!

And another girl! Introducing, Liara Baudelaire!

Emmie: "I love my little pod baby."

Ean: "I think she forgot a third kid upstairs."

That's right... TRIPLETS! I can't believe she had triplets again. Introducing, Indigo Baudelaire!

Cheyenne: "Haha, I'm bigger than you now, I would like to see you pounce on me now!"

Cheyenne: "We've had our disagreements but you're still an adorable puppy."

Chelsie: "Why is he showing me pictures of OUR grandkids?! I see them all the time."

Chelsie: "Oh, look at the time... I really have to go."

Ean: "Did Atley seriously fall for that? Where did she have to go... the next room?"

Ean: "The old man is going crazy, I'm going to ask him if I can borrow some money."

You have a ton of money!

Party time for the triplets! I'm ready to see who they look like.

Liara is so cute, even picking her nose!

Liara: "Need a boogie?"

Ean: "Please tell me she didn't eat that."

Jaxine: "That cake looks so good, I wonder when we get to cut into it."


I think I've fallen in love with that derpy little face... mommy's eyes and daddy's hair!


Graham is cute too!

Kahlan is finally a teen, a beautiful teen! I love her pointed ears.

Atley: "Why can't I pinch your chubby cheeks?"
Jaxine: "Get your old man hands away from me!"

Jaxine: "I give up, just get it over with."

Atley: "Can you spare a few minutes to see my beautiful grandchildren?"
Jaxine: "I am your grandchild."

Chelsie: "We need to take his wallet away, he's always trying to show off all of the grandkids."

Indigo: "What is this crazy old man doing?!"

Indigo: "I love his craziness!"

Graham: "Hey, is he drinking milk, where's mine?"

She's still carrying that freaky thing around.

Cheyenne: "Someone help, Kahlan has a creepy doll!"

Cheyenne: "Why haven't you deleted that doll yet?!"

Indigo: "What is Cheyenne's problem? I like the creepy dolls."

I can't get over how cute he is!

Cheyenne loves to paint, she paints every chance she can.


Emmie: "I almost created a PlumBot!"

After a long day of almost doing things Emmie decided to sleep in the middle of the sun room.

Wrecks: "What is her problem? That's where I sleep!"

Ean: "Look at this awesome jet pack I got."
Emmie: "Yay, jet packs."

Ean: "Stop clapping, this is not what it's supposed to do!"
Emmie: "I'm clapping for your stupidity."

Ean: "Get this thing off of me!"

Ean: "SEND. HELP."

Emmie: "You're getting good at it... I'm bored now."

Ean: "Hey, beautiful. Have I reminded you how much I love you lately?"

Ean: "The perfect mother to all of my children, the light of my life, my one and only... you are the best thing that has ever happened to me."


  1. They're the kawaiiest couple ever *Q*
    Kahlan is so pretty *-*
    Graham, Indigo and Liara are so cute >w<

  2. Awe another great Baudelaire chapter.