Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 337

I spotted Kessa at the park! She's had a few kids, I think they're driving her crazy.

Cadienne: "Maybe it's just her hairstyle doing it."

Aren't they cute?

Yeah, I have a feeling this won't end well.

It never does.

This looks very painful!

Cadienne: "Watch out!"

I never see the aliens but I always see their vehicles.

You're having a romantic day with your future wife, get off of your phone!

Ellis: "Wait, I'm tweeting about it."

Ellis: "It's too hot outside."

I guess they will Instagram this too.

Ellis: "It's too hot, let's go home."

Ellis: "Or we could do this?"

Ellis: "I love you so I will melt for you."

Eww, take that somewhere else.

Cadienne: "I've made you sweat so much because I have a question for you..."

Cadienne: "Will you marry me?"

Ellis: "Yes! Yes! Now can we go home?"

Cadienne: "Yes, let's go home now."

Brenner has been keeping the cats busy while everyone has been busy making out and getting engaged. 

Victory: "I will catch that red dot... ONE DAY."

Cadienne: "Where is Owlbert? I can't find him."

Cadienne: "I hunted for Owlbert all evening, I'm tired."

Ellis: "I found him!"

Wrong bird, Ellis.

Cadienne: "I don't want a big wedding, why don't we have a small one right now?"

Ellis: "That's a great idea, then we can start on the next generation and go on vacation."

Cadienne: "He was serious about going on vacation."

Ellis: "Yep, we're in Al Simhara!"

Cadienne: "Let's find out what kind of trouble we can get into."

Oooh, snake charming!

Cadienne: "SNAKES?! Nobody told me about snakes."

Cadienne: "Do I blow on this to keep them away?"

Cadienne: "Well, I guess there's no snakes here."

Casper: "Hi."

How did Casper get here?!

Ellis: "Umm, is this butterfly trying to eat my face?!"

Ellis: "It's cute, I'll take it home."

This looks real safe.

Just completely ignore all of the fire and stare at your ring!

Cadienne: "What else am I supposed to do here?"

Cadienne: "Step on more things to open scary places?"

Cadienne: "This one isn't as scary!"

Ellis: "It's too hot here, when do we go home?"

Generation 31 is on the way!

Stranger: "Stop woohooing next to my tent!!!"

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