Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 237

It's a beautiful night in Sunlit Tides.

It's not so beautiful anymore.

Dekla: "Is the zombie going to get my food?"

Zombie: "I am so tirrrrred."

Zombie: "I mean... FEAR ME, I AM ZOMBIE."

Good dog! No peeing inside the house.

What?! It's already time for Jonah's birthday?

Novie: "Yep, my baby boy is growing up."


He's cute! I love the colors of his eyes, hair and skin together.

Jonah: "Yeah, but my outfit sucks."

Novie: "This pregnancy is killing my back."

Tucker: "Someone get me out of this prison!"

This pregnancy is a lot harder on Novie, she naps all day.

While Dekla digs up the entire yard.

Novie: "Did you find me any treasure?"

I think Novie will be Dekla's favorite.

Ellora: "Meow, meow... why won't you kitties pay attention to me?"

Dekla guarding her precious couch.

Ellora: "You finally want something to do with me?"

Ellora: "I see, you just wanted belly rubs."

Dekla: "Where's my belly rubs?"

I always catch Novie and Jonah dancing to the radio.

Almost time!

Scratch that... it IS time!

Dekla: "Stop having that baby and rub my belly, now!"

Novie: "Is that dog serious???"

Dekla: "Do I look serious?"

Dekla: "She didn't listen to me."

It's a girl... finally!
Introducing, Eilee Baudelaire!

Eilee is pronounced eye-lee

Novie: "My baby girl looks just like me, she's adorable."

Peyton: "Aren't you the cutest little thing."

Jonah: "Now that the new baby is here I don't get any attention, stupid baby."

Party time now! I can't wait to see who she looks like.

Do you mind?!

Citrine: "Nope."

ADORABLE! She got Cheyenne and Indigo's hair!

Eilee: "I'm adorable? Awesome!"

Eilee: "Seriously?"

Ahhh, another boogie picker.

Brooke is an elder now, an adorable one!

Indigo: "Stop this now!"

Indigo: "This is not what I wanted."

Peyton: "Who's ready to learn how to use the potty?!"

Peyton: "Eilee is smart like daddy, she has already learned to use the potty."

Now, time for some other skills.

Eilee: "And a milk break!"

So proud and she should be!

Checking on her fishies, she's almost completed her LTW with help from Indigo.

Novie: "Please, no more inventing!"

YES! Baby #4.

I guess it wasn't inventing that made her sick.

Eilee: "I'm going to be a big sissy???"

Eilee: "Pay attention to meeeee, not Tucker!"

Indigo: "These little things are so loud!"

One less noise maker for Indigo, time for Tucker's birthday!


Still loving that orange hair, he's a cutie.


  1. Eilee is so cute!! Love that hair color with her coloring. Love your posts!!

  2. yay another baby on the way! Eilee is so adorable! and jonah is a very grumpy kid, he's a cutie though!

    (my name is Eilee! i spell it differently though ^_^ )