Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 236

Jonah: "You're telling me that this Plumbot is going to teach me how to talk?"

Jonah: "I guess it's better than my daddy doing it."

I find them passed out in every room.

Our Plumbot is awesome! She's teaching Jonah everything.

He learned to walk, talk and potty in TWO days!

Plumbot: "Must. Steal. Energy!"

Finally, baby #2 is on the way!

Peyton: "Nooo, my hand is trying to get me, I must resist!"

Peyton: "I'm powerless, it got me!"

Peyton: "Send help!"

I think we need to back away from the crazy guy and enjoy these two adorable kitties!

Citrine: "Can't catch me!"

Jonah: "Is that a challenge? I bet I can catch the kitty."

Peyton: "I wanted to catch the kitty!"

Zora: "Someone say kitty?!"

Yep, just like dad.

Winter will be here soon so it's time to harvest the plants one last time.

But there's never one last time when it comes to blowing yourself up.

Novie: "I wanted to shower before having this baby!"

Plumbot: "I'm about to have to take care of two kids?!"

It's another boy! It looks like he has Novie's skin color.

Introducing, Tucker Baudelaire!

Novie: "The baby is crying, how do I make it stop?!"

Give it to the Plumbot, that's how.

Novie: "I want my baby back since he's not crying!"

I almost missed Grim taking Zora, she will be missed so much!

Zora Baudelaire
November 21, 2013 - January 23, 2014

Cheyenne: "Who cooked the spicy food?!"

Peyton: "Maybe if I cheer enough this one will be my clone!"


Definitely not Peyton's clone... or Novie's, but he is so adorable and derpy!

Peyton: "Where did your orange hair come from?"

Tucker: "Don't ask me."

I think they're forgetting Ellora has orange hair.

Isn't he just the cutest?!

No... he's not so cute anymore.


Moose turned out so cute! Those dark blue eyes match his fur puuurrfect.


I think Mouse might be a little cuter! I love her yellow face, I'm not sure which one will be the kitty heir.

Novie: "There's a Plumbot behind me, right?"

Novie: "It follows me."

Novie: "I bet it's around here somewhere, I KNOW it is!"

Indigo decided to go fishing the first day back in Sunlit Tides!

This colorful doggy showed up and watched him fish for a little while.

Digging for gold!

Cheyenne: "I wish it was still okay to pick my nose."

Peyton: "Did you find some nice boogies today?"

Look who showed up! Indigo decided to bring the colorful doggy home, her name is Dekla!

Jonah: "I wanted to be the only colorful thing here!"

Too bad, you were never the only colorful thing here.

Citrine: "What... a cat can't groom himself without some privacy?"

Tucker: "I don't want grandma to put me to bed."

He must think he's a master chef.

Tucker: "LOOK! I'm walking, now I can finally run away!"

Snoozing... as usual.

You should have known it was coming soon... baby #3!

Creepy night tonight, it's a full moon!

Dekla is here to stay, I love how colorful she is.


  1. Loved this post.
    Delka is so pretty.
    The pic of the full moon was amazing and eerie.
    The freaking adorable.

  2. adoring Tuckers hair! and dekla is so sweet and colorful!

    woohoo! baby 3 on the way! excited for that!

    thank you for the new post amber!

  3. Citrine is my favourite! But love Dekla, she's so pretty. Congrats on baby number three!

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