Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 229

Watch out, Eon!

Eon: "Remember teaching me those stalk and pounce skills when I was a baby?"

Emmie: "I can stalk and pounce better than that cat."

Just practicing a little fairy magic! She's getting good.

Until she flies off and does other things.

Deer: "Pssst, hey... do you have any corn I can have?"

Julissa: "Haha, that deer can talk."

Look, it's Julissa!

Summer is coming to an end so I sent Evangeline out on the water for some fun.

Evangeline: "Why haven't I done this before?!"

Evangeline: "Why did you never command me to do that?"

Evangeline: "Oh well, flying is more fun than the jet ski anyways."

I just love her.

Peyton: "I have an idea... why don't you get lost?"

Palette: "Good idea, or I could chew that thing up into a million pieces!"

Kylianne: "I'm the best at this!"

Evangeline: "Pffft, I'm wayyyy better than her."

It's a rainy day in Appaloosa Plains, all of the Baudelaire's are hanging out inside and getting into things.

Cheyenne: "It's raining?!"

Cheyenne: "But my boobs might get wet!"

Indigo: "I don't want to hear about my sister's boobs!"

Ellora: "Gasp! My wings might get wet."

Brooke: "Well, hello there."

Such a sad day in the Baudelaire household, goodbye Early! Early was a great kitty, he will be missed very much.

Early Baudelaire
October 30, 2013 - January 7, 2014

Zora: "This gnome makes me so sad."

Emmie: "Why did Early have to die?! He was my best friend!"

Brooke: "I would love to know why you skipped school! You're grounded for a week!"

I really hope homework is the only thing he's doing here...

We got a cute kitty gnome!

Kylianne: "I'm suspicious of that gnome, I'm keeping my eyes on it."

Kylianne: "But at the same time it's so adorable!"

Ellora: "Ahh, I love the fresh smell of the outdoors."

So much rain lately! And yes, the Baudelaire's moved again!

Brooke: "How do you like the view? And I'm not talking about the dining room decor."

Indigo: "Why is she so vain?!"

Zora: "She thinks she's best thing around here!"

Peyton: "Brooke makes me so angry, doesn't she know I'm the best looking Sim around here?!"

Cheyenne is busy trying to max out her inventing skill, she's getting close!

Eon: "She needs to get close to my fur and pet it."

The perfect area for the kitties to nap.

Evangeline: "That's the perfect place for me to nap too."

Zora: "Doesn't she realize she has a bed?"

Yeah, don't mention it.

Palette always takes the only available bed.

Ean: "I'm flying!"

Ellora decided to try the garden thing... AGAIN.

Yep, she's still obsessed with that chair.

Out of all of the places to sit in this house this is where Evangeline does her homework.

Ellora: "Look! It's your brain."

Ean: "My what?"

Ean: "Why do you keep doing this?!"

Ean: "How many times do I have to tell you to not do that to me?!"

Emmie: "I've never seen Ean that angry!"


  1. Another great update. Love love love the Baudelaire's.

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