Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 228

Ellora: "Look at all of the beetles on the ground, there's so many!"

Ellora: "A butterfly just landed on me and it looks like me with the wings!"

Ellora: "It's trying to be like me."

I see Ellora has been here...

Stray Dog: "What's wrong with his face?!"

Creeper: "Hey... wanna do something?"

Peyton: "I was trying to do my homework and this thing keeps bugging me and following me!"

Palette: "I hope it doesn't start following me around."

Eon: "What? Nothing to see here..."

Cheyenne: "What is the cat doing?!"

Emmie: "I hope the cat doesn't try to clean itself on the kitchen counters."

Evangeline: "Flying sucks."

Evangeline: "I don't know why I had to be born with wings, they suck."

Cheyenne bought some fireworks and went to the highest point in Appaloosa Plains to shoot them.

It's the perfect night for it, beautiful!

Cheyenne: "Oooh, that one looks like an ice cream cone!"

Why are you eating dog food?!

Kylianne: "All of the talk about ice cream cones made me hungry."

Cheyenne: "Look, they match my clothes!"

Cheyenne stayed up all night playing with fireworks and the sprinklers.

Cheyenne: "Haha, I got my booty wet!"

Cheyenne: "5 am sprinkler time is the best!"

Tillie: "I said I get the bed tonight!"

Arlo: "Whoever can bark the loudest gets it!"

It's. Always. Stalking!

Random Baudelaire: "You need to stop going around town and making everyone ugly!"

Reese Baudelaire: "Yeah, what he said."

Time for the youngest to grow up! No more toddlers until the next generation, that makes me sad.


Adorable! I love how she got a lot of Brooke's facial features but everything else is Indigo.

Cheyenne: "I was just here trying to do laundry and this woman decides to go into labor!"

You can do laundry at home!

Ellora can finally stop making Sims ugly! She granted inner beauty on 12 Sims so she completed her Lifetime Wish.

Cheyenne: "Hehehe, that's one ugly Sim."

Nooooo! Another one has grown up!

Kylianne: "Oh my gosh, I can't believe my Imaginary Friend is big like me now!"

Kylianne: "Now we can take over the world together."

This doesn't look like taking over the world...

Kylianne: "Wow, does that pillow have feathers or bricks in it?"

All of the kids have to be sniffed up and down before they're allowed to go to bed.

Emmie has some weird obsession with this chair.

Peyton: "The tub is broken, I didn't do it."

I'm not sure if I believe him.

Zora: "He's gone insane!"

He was born insane.

Emmie: "Stupid raccoon knocking over my trashcan every night, I'm making them pick it up next time."

Cheyenne: "There's trash in the yard?! We're going to get roaches!"

I can't believe it's already time for Evangeline to become a teenager, it seems like she was just born!

Prettiest teenager ever!

Evangeline: "I'm the prettiest... EVER?! Awesome!"

Peyton, the party has been over for hours.

Eon has started skipping birthdays, sleep is more important.

Or maybe she just doesn't want to accidentally encounter this thing.

All of these years and they're still so in love!

Random Baudelaire: "Look at that doggy over there, that's a cute doggy!"


  1. Gosh i just love your pictures. Every time I read a Baudelaire post I fall in love with the sims 3 all over again. Thank you for that.


    1. I have a hard time writing a chapter because seeing the pictures makes me want to open my game and play, I love Sims 3. ^_^

  2. Ahah, Ellora is so cute and a weird way.. x)

  3. I love that the pink hair is still going strong for the other kids :) Also, I must be the only person that LOVES the imaginary friends I always want them to become real and marry the kid that imagined them =w= It just seems super cute and sweet to me!

  4. Where is Kylianne's hair from? xx