Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 200

Why are you having lunch with a bunch of strangers?

Atley: "They had burgers and I was hungry."

Atley: "What if the burger was poisoned???"

Atley: "I think I need to get away from these people."

Atley was still hungry so he decided to roast some marshmallows.

Atley: "What kind of marshmallow stick is this? I almost poked my eye out."

Time for a little fun before we head home.

The house looks so beautiful with the lights on it.

Atley: "You followed me to the park and then you followed me home, are you stalking me?"

Atley: "Because if you are I can give you a map of where I go every day to make it easier for you."

Isaac: "Why is this dog sleeping on the hard floor when there is a bed in the other room?"

Valerie: "Time to play in the snow, yay!"

Valerie: "It's too cold out here, this stinks."

Wow, he's a lot better at that than I thought he would be.

Watch out!

Atley is awesome at pretty much everything he does.

Except for trying to be a normal Sim.

Maisy: "You went snowboarding without me? How could you?!"

Maisy: "That light is hideous!"

Atley: "Why is mom so grouchy today?"

Valerie: "I shouldn't have eaten a big meal before getting on here!"

Zoey: "It's snowing."

Oh, you finally noticed.

Valerie: "I'm about to become even more awesome."

Valerie: "Nobody told me becoming more awesome felt so strange!"

Valerie is our heir! Stay tuned to find out who our next heir is, we're doing double this time!

Theo: "This snow tastes so good!"

Elodie: "I am not related to him."

Many years of marriage and 5 kids later they are still so in love.

Maisy: "He still loves me, that's so romantic."

Adam: "This house is just so beautiful, I can't believe I get to spend the rest of my life here."

Put some clothes on, it's time to meet your future husband.

Adam: "Whoa! I was told you would be fully dressed."

Adam: "But, you know what? I like you better with less clothes on."

Of course you do.

Valerie: "I told you it would be better if I wore less clothes."

Who is this long eared little cutie? She's here to have puppies with Theo.

Atley: "Let's get you groomed and ready to meet your new girlfriend."

Stop farting in front of your future husband!

Valerie: "I can't help it, it just slipped out."

Adam: "Take that!"

Valerie: "Haha, just wait until I get my pillow revenge."

Adam: "Does she have bricks in that pillow?!"

Adam: "I love a woman that knows how to pillow fight!"

Valerie: "Never hit me with a pillow again, got it?!"

Adam: "Okay, I didn't know you didn't like that."

Valerie: "You do what I tell you to do from now on."

The karaoke machine is a big hit with everyone.

Adam: "I got you babe..."

Valerie: "His singing really sucks."

Adam: "Why is she so mean to me?"

Catching some Z's.

Wyatt: "Look at my beautiful plate of food!"

Adam will be our new Baudelaire soon! I think he's perfect for Valerie.


  1. The chapter was great and congrats on 200 chapters but a questune where's Adams hair from?

    1. His hair is from the Supernatural EP. ^_^

  2. I really like your legacy, so much!
    I looked on Facebook the photos of future Baudelaire, I look forward to seeing them here!
    And I look forward for the next episode. Why there is that one a week ?
    Bye, french fan :)

    1. I'm glad you like it. :D

      I'm only able to do one a week because I'm a breeder and all of my dogs/puppies keep me so busy, one a week is perfect for me to be able to keep up with. I upload every Saturday. ^_^

  3. Happy 200th. I just wanted 2 know though how do you remember everyone and keep track plus how do u keep your games runnin without saying sorry my game crashed can not continue. Whats your secret!!

    1. It's pretty easy to remember most of them, I keep folders for each separate generation to remember all of them and sometimes have to look at the family tree I made. My game does crash and I have a lot of problems sometimes but I just figure out the problem and keep going, a few problems can't stop me from playing my favorite family. I love the Baudelaire's, even if my computer caught on fire I'd find a way to fix it and play. :P

    2. That seems like a good idea to make the folders ill have to do that

  4. I don't like how mean Valerie is to Adam :(