Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 198

Alien: "So far I haven't found any sign of intelligent life anywhere but this bush is beautiful."

Alien: "Hellloooo! Is anyone going to let me in?!

Creepy Kid: "Get out of here, creepy alien dude!"

I think YOU need to get out of here too.

Atley is taking after his grandpa!

Bria: "Ta da, I'm beautiful."

Atley: "Yes, it's time for cake!"

Cake addiction starts early around here.


Atley: "Hey, I can't help it, I love cake."

It's your brother's birthday, stop taking all of the spotlight with your cake fetish.

Isaac: "I'm adorable and look just like my gampy!"

Isaac: "So if I drink this milk I will grow up to be a big, crazy, strong Baudelaire?!"

Isaac: "Add this boogie to my milk next time."

Valerie: "Little brothers are disgusting."

Valerie: "I'm ashamed to be related to him."

Valerie: "Hmmm, I wish my little brother wouldn't pick his nose!"

Zoey: "Did you hear that? You can't pick your nose anymore!"

Valerie is beautiful! She looks so much like Zoey.

Nothing like a nice meal with your siblings before school.

Valerie: "Why do you watch us eat? Are you planning something?"

Valerie: "I got it! You're planning on buying us more cake, right?"

Maisy: "I think this baby is ready to make its way into the world!"

Maisy: "Why do I have to give birth in this room with the hideous curtains?!"

Baby #5 is another precious little boy! Introducing, Rowan Baudelaire!

Maisy: "There ya go, you need to grow up and be a big strong boy."

Bad dog!

Wyatt: "Ewww, why did the dog shake water on me?!"

Valerie: "You were right, I wasn't ready to discover potions."

Valerie: "Ahh, that felt good."

Off to school! Bria and Valerie are doing very good in school, both of them have straight A's.

Mailman: "Why does it have to rain while I'm on my mail route?"

Bria: "Haha, I have an umbrella and you don't."

It looks like it's going to rain all day, good thing they are taking their umbrellas with them.

It's time for Isaac to grow up while the girls and Atley are at school!


He still looks just like Grayson, minus the pointed ears.

Rowan is up next!


I was not expecting black hair but he's so cute, I love him already!

Wyatt: "My kids are so adorable!!!"

Maisy: "Who's mommy's little mystery hair baby? You are!"

Rowan: "Mommy loves me the most because I'm unique."

Rowan: "Someone pay attention to me!"

Maisy: "Why is this kid always crying?!"

Atley: "Houston, we have a problem."

You're not an astronaut, Atley.

Atley: "I'm not an astronaut? We can be anything we want if we imagine hard enough!"

Atley: "See, I'll show you."

Atley: "RAWR, fear me!"

Watch out, there's a scary dinosaur creeping up behind you!

Maisy: "Now I know I'm crazy, I just saw a dinosaur painting downstairs!"

She's not imagining things, there really is a dinosaur painting downstairs.

He knows how to do chores too!


  1. OMG I love Bria atley and Rowan
    Also what Photoshop do you use?