Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 153

Dashing through the snow!

Isis: "Stupid dog, nobody wants to be outside in that snow when they can be cuddled up in a warm house."

Isis: "Did I just have a kitten???"

Tippy: "Hello..."

Toby: "My radar ears sense another cat in this house."

Isis and Loki made the cutest little kitten, Tippy!
She's an adorable mix of them!

Ayla: "That cat creeps me out."

Myloh: "YES! I finally got the cat I always wanted!"

Loki is an awesome daddy cat!

It's almost time for Snowflake Day, the house is decorated, the snow is deep and the Baudelaire's are ready to celebrate by being crazy and blowing things up!

Watch out, it's going to get you!

Breyden: "Shhhhh... I'm watching out for pirates!"

Just like her parents.

Toby: "What are you doing?"
Loki: "Just be quiet and walk away."

Loki: "What kind of madness is this?! I was the one that attacked, I didn't plan on being attacked!"

Keely is inside minding her own business and then aliens decide to show up so she runs outside to them, it makes no sense!

Leave us alone!

She better not be pregnant!

Breyden: "Aww, look at the cute little kitty."

Breyden: "I think she likes me."


Tippy is the perfect combination of Loki and Isis!

Isis: "She doesn't suspect a thing..."

Such a pretty little kitty!
Isis: "Yes, pretty."

Isis: "Now back away slowly and nobody gets hurt!"

Breyden: "We meet again, cat."

Breyden: "I think he's starting to like me more!"

This was a very tense moment.

Declan: "Let me stare into your soul while I eat this whole cake, you don't get any."

Breyden: "Party time!"
Keely: "Yeah, parties... yay."

He still reminds me of Keely, give him some longer hair and I wouldn't be able to tell them apart.
Declan: "Was that an insult?"

Tippy: "Prepare to be defeated, feathery friend."

Keely: "Why is this happening, is it because I was going to wash my plate in the bathroom and not the kitchen?"

Keely Baudelaire

October 13, 2012 - December 10, 2012

Declan: "How can this happen to my Grandma?"

Myloh: "What am I going to do without my love?"
My heart broke for poor Myloh.

Toby: "Get out, nobody wants you here!"

Grim Reaper: "Just let me play a few tunes before I leave."

Toby: "What did I just say???"

Toby: "OUT!!!"


  1. OMG, Toby's ears in that one picture made me laugh out loud. xD They looked so strange! All of Toby's facial expressions make me laugh.

    Gah, I still haven't had an alien abduction in my game. >.<

    1. Ugh, be lucky lol, This one family, had an abduction every night, I had to move them.

    2. It's so weird when his ears do that. xD

      I don't like the alien abductions, I'm always worried my sims will come back pregnant. :P

  2. Have any of your pets barked or hissed at the grim reaper and he brought the sim back? That happened to me once.

    1. I've had that happen a few times but they always leave the household after he brings them back, it's weird.

  3. I love Tippy! Tippy is soo cute!