Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 152

Breyden: "Why did you put me in a bed that matches me? Is this some kind of joke?!"

Keely: "Don't worry, everyone has picked on my purple skin all of my life, they are just jealous that they can't be adorable grapes like us!"

Loki: "I want to be an adorable grape."

Declan: "Well, definitely not going in there to use the potty."

Toby: "He needs to put some clothes on, naked dude burns my eyes."

Time for baby Breyden's birthday, look at his single little candle!

Andrew: "I get the first piece of cake!!!"

Myloh: "Where did you get that? I want one."


I introduce you to one of the cutest little babies ever! He's a mini Chance but with purple skin!

You are just the cutest little thing ever!

Breyden: "Really? You wuv me, right?"

Andrew: "Everyone loves you!"

Declan: "Don't forget about me because Breyden is so adorable!!!"
Andrew: "Help."

Toby: "That's what he gets for making me see him naked."

Everyone else was busy so Grandpa Myloh decided to teach Breyden how to walk, I love them spending time together.

Myloh: "Wanna make some babies?"
Wait... what???

Myloh: "I said we are going to make babies."
Yeah... I didn't need to hear that a second time.

We already have two precious Baudelaire babies, we don't need anymore right now.

Andrew: "Party over here!"
Ayla: "I can't believe I had kids with him."

Myloh: "I have no idea what I'm doing."
That's why we love you.

Andrew: "C'mon, cook you stupid waffles, I'm hungry!"

Myloh: "Party time, wooo..."

Grumpy pants finally cheered up for the party!

Breyden: "I don't know what you put in this stuff but it's amazing!"
I had to interrupt the party with some Breyden cuteness.


And he's still a Keely clone!

Breyden: "When I grow up I want to find a potion to destroy the stalker ice cream truck."
Andrew: "That's nice, son."

I wonder who could be in here?

Ayla: "Thumbs up for kitty woohoo!"
Seriously, Ayla?

They see me buzzin', they hatin'

Breyden: "Why do you watch me potty?"

Toby: "You look like you would smell nice, come here so I can have a little sniff."

Toby: "I think the kid needs changed, he did NOT smell nice."

Declan: "I'm not on diaper duty!"

Ayla: "You expect me to paint a masterpiece with this?"

Ayla: "Well, I guess I can try, I'm not promising you anything better than a stick figure."

Creeper Kid: "This is my kingdom, you all bow down to me! Mwahahaha!"
Who are you?!

Creeper Kid: "I am your King."

We don't need some creepy kid as a King, we have a little Prince!

Breyden and Isis love to watch tv together.

Breyden: "Maybe nobody will notice me eating my hand."
Toby: "Somebody take this kid away before he eats my couch."

I'm not ready for Breyden to grow up!

Keely... I think the party is over here.


Here he is, he's still so cute!

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  1. Loki can definitely be one adorable grape. ^_^

    Creepy kid scares me. O.o

    Haha, Loki photobomb. :P

    Loved the post! Hilarious as always, Amber! xD