Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 110

Let's jump right into this chapter with Heartleigh's birthday!

Heartleigh: "What are you looking at?"
Oh... uh... I'm just admiring your beauty. 

Whoa, what is going on here?!
Peyson better not be pregnant by that mooch that eats all of our food and turns down proposals!

Great, could this day get any worse?!

Hurley: "This day, ooh, this day could get so much worse. Yeah!"
Shut it or I'll get the old man after you.

Hey, what are ya up to, mooch?
Landon: "Oh nothin', just inventing stuff."

Landon: "Wait, do you smell something burning?"

Landon: "Ahhhh!!! My butt is on fire, do something!"
Nah, I think I'll just stand here and watch you burn.

Have you ever heard of ants in your pants? Well, this is 100x worse.
Landon: "Stop with the jokes and help me!"

Hurley: "Don't worry, I'm here to save the day!"

It looks like Landon will turn down proposals but not woohoo, pervert! Let's hope this little baby turns out more like the Baudelaire's... scratch that, this baby is doomed if it's like either parent.

Heartleigh: "Oh my gosh, Peyson's pregnant?!"

Heartleigh: "YES! I'm going to be an Auntie!"

Heartleigh: "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy."

Harper: "But here's my number, so why don't you shut up maybe? Seriously, that song is old news."

Heartleigh is going to be happy about this, she can't wait to meet the new baby Baudelaire!

Heartleigh: "Okay, I'm being serious. I just met you, this is really crazy but I want to make you my wife. Will you make me the happiest girl in Appaloosa Plains?"

Harper: "That is one sparkly diamond!"
You better say yes or you will pay along with Landon.
Harper: "Yes, I will marry you!"

Peyson: "What? Harper has been here five minutes and Heartleigh has already proposed?!"

Peyson: "And she accepted? Why did I get stuck with the loser that denies me?"

Landon: "She's never going to let me live that one down."
Haha, funny that you speak of "living"... soon my pretty, soon.

Heartleigh: "I love you so much, Harper."
Harper: "I love you too, Heartleigh. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't been placed in this household just moments ago."

Here we see a peaceful, unsuspecting Landon snoozing and Peyson in labor... Peyson in labor?! Get up you bum and help her through this!

Peyson: "Why is he still sleeping?!"

And in the midst of all of the sparkles we welcome a beautiful baby girl!

We shall name the newest member of the tribe, Lia Baudelaire!

Welcome to the craziness, baby Lia!

Now let's meet another new family member, Harper!


  1. Aww cute! Harper and Heartleigh! :) and i can't wait to see what Lia looks like!