Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 217

Indigo: "Ahhh, nothing like a nice waterless shower."

Indigo: "And a little sleeping elixir. I'll never have to bathe or sleep again!"

Tillie thinks a little different than Indigo, she wants to sleep.

I think Early has picked his favorite Baudelaire, good choice!

Early: "These kitty slippers are so cozy!"

Liara: "I thought I was Early's favorite."

It's party time! I can't wait to see what the triplets look like as teens.

Indigo and Ean are excited too!

I'm not disappointed! Cheyenne is still in the lead for heiress.

Kahlan: "But I thought I was going to be heiress!"

Cheyenne: "I get to be heiress?!"

Jaxine is my second choice, she's beautiful!

Kahlan: "I'm not even second choice for heiress."

Jaxine: "Kahlan just needs to accept that she's not as pretty as me."

Jaxine: "I mean... Just look at me, I'm gorgeous."

Brock is pretty handsome! I love that he's Chelsie's clone.

Brock: "I'm a... CLONE?"

The first thing Cheyenne wanted to do was check out the jet pack.

Cheyenne: "Is it too late to change my mind and get back on solid ground?!"

Cheyenne: "I'm serious, I want down!"

Cheyenne: "That was close, I just knew I was about to die."

Cheyenne: "Why is this jet pack still on my back?! It's going to take off and not let me down!"

The jet pack isn't her thing but apparently the mechanical bull is.

Cheyenne: "That fish is shiny!"

Cheyenne: "Oh yeah, one more day of practice and I can go to the park, get tips and be rich!"

You're already rich.

Cheyenne: "Right... I forgot about those millions."

Emmie: "This light pole looks nice, I bet nobody would notice if it was gone."

Emmie: "Nobody at all...."

Cheyenne: "Mom is stealing things again."

Liara: "Mom is out stealing things when she should be here making me dinner."

The invention gnomes like to creep around the nursery windows.

Indigo: "That's not creepy at all."

Emmie tries to keep up with her small garden while working a full time job, taking care of 7 kids and stealing things.

Kahlan: "Is this your favorite toy?"

Arlo: "YES! You know it is!"

Arlo: "Now give me my favorite toy!"

Cheyenne: "Arlo always gets so happy when she gets her favorite toy."

Cheyenne is a little more confident this time, maybe she will do better.

Or... not.
Cheyenne can't die!

Noooo! You can go away and leave her alone!

Cheyenne is supposed to be heiress, she can't die!

Cheyenne: "Am I... I'm alive."

Cheyenne: "I'M ALIVE!!!"

Tillie saved Cheyenne's life! Tillie will get whatever she wants whenever she wants it for the rest of her life.

Now Cheyenne will be stalked and only allowed to do safe things.

Liara: "Here, she can have my imaginary friend."

Her dream is coming true!

After a long day playing for tips Cheyenne decided to spend some time outside.

....face planting into the ground.

Cheyenne: "That hurt my back!"

It looked like it would have hurt your face.

Cheyenne: "It's nothing an evening on the water can't fix!"


  1. Great post. I love how your sims can pull off any look especially that makeup on Cheyenne!! How did Tillie save her life?


  2. "... get tips and be rich!"
    I read "get tits". I'm pretty sure I'm a genius.
    Oh my fuckin' god, Emmie is gonna kill me x'DDD poor light pool :')

    Emmie tries to keep up with her small garden while working a full time job, taking care of 7 kids and stealing things.
    >> ...And herself, by the way x)

    Cheyenne, you scared me ;-;
    "After a long day playing for tips "
    Again a time...